Midnight Run Helsinki 2017

I dragged my husband to our first Midnight Run (actually, Midnattsloppet) in August 2015 only because that year I used any suitable excuse to get to Stockholm, and Aeroflot was still offering convenient flights for adequate price. The website of the race promised a fun run on a warm summer night in Södermalm – what an excellent occasion! And this was the night when I found out that my body is well adapted to run at night, – because of no sun at all, I suppose.

The next year, a wonderful night run in Stockholm coincided with the marathon in Helsinki, so we chose another race in series – same Helsinki, but a month later. It turned out that September night in Helsinki had nothing to do with the August night in Stockholm – the race started in the pouring rain, we ran down the slippery pavement, jumped in puddles and laughed at the fact that this was the fun run indeed.

This year we had a thought of running in Malmö or Gothenburg at night, but there was no convenient way to get there. So we went to Helsinki again, were showered with rainnagain, we swore on slippery stones again and tried to find an answer for Adidas question #whyirunhelsinki. Maybe because the t-shirts are salmon-colored or because vegan milk is waiting at the finish line?!

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