Good Life Coffee, Helsinki, Finland

2 km from railway station Good Life Coffee Kolmas linja 17, 00530 Helsinki, Finland /show on map/
I didn’t include Good Life Coffee in my first guide to Helsinki specialty coffee scene but not because it’s worse than others, and not because I love it less than others – on the contrary, most often it’s the first place where my husband and I run from the railway station looking for breakfast. In Good Life Coffee everything is awesome: from coffee to breakfast (avo toasts, granola, oats, pastry), from the general concept AVOID BAD COFFEE AVOID BAD LIFE to seasonal pastry like Runebergstorta. They roast Kenyan beans perfectly, brew it good and pour it into large cozy mugs.

So why didn’t I mention it in my first review? ‘Cause I didn’t have photos.
‘Cause I’m always busy.
‘Cause for the very first time in Good Life Coffee, when Ivan didn’t yet know how good their Kenya is in batch brew, we ordered an aeropress and waited for a long time, because the place is quite crowded on Saturday. I flipped through the books on a windowsill, collection was strange – it probably happens when interesting people work together and each of them brings something he likes. Rene Redzepi’s album “NOMA: Time and Place in Nordic Cuisine” was there.

That first time with the book left me bemused – it was not that type of food photo which is so popular on Instagram. No veganism, colourful salads and avocado toasts, no artistic clutter of the pic. Minimalism. Something cooked with something. Since then, I resumed to grab the book while drinking coffee and gradually (gradually!) realised that it’s not a cookbook, but the whole world. A month ago I finally brought my book home from the store, but I’m already planning our next breakfast at Good Life Coffee 🙂

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